Departmental Scholarships

There are a number of departmental scholarships available to undergraduate history students. These will be announced throughout the year and requests for applications will be posted. Please contact the history office for more information. For university scholarships, consult the Course Catalog.

Robert A. Claytor Memorial Scholarship

CSUSB juniors and seniors majoring in History with a GPA of 3.0 are eligible to apply for the annual Robert A. Claytor Memorial Scholarship. The amount of the award is $500. The scholarship was established in 2003 by Vanessa Kragenbrink in memory of her brother Robert Claytor who died in an auto accident at the age of 17. The Claytor family has contributed generously to this scholarship to help students of history achieve their educational goals. The call for applications usually begins in March. Candidates will each submit what they consider to be their best piece of completed written work, (preferably a research paper or term paper that represents their best efforts and historical interests), a copy of their current transcript, and a completed application form. The selection committee will evaluate written submissions as well as each applicant's record of academic success. Applications can be obtained from the History Department (SB-327).

JC Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored jointly by the ALFSS and the History Department. J.C. Robinson, hired by the History Department in 1971 to teach primarily Latin American History, rapidly became not only a leading member of the department but a leading member of the University. As Associate Vice President for Academic Personnel, he had the unique ability to bring people of radically different persuasionis together in positive ways. He left a legacy that is a powerful mark on the academic culture of this campus as the primary architect and administrator of faculty recruitment of rmany decades. He was a charasmatic teacher, well-published scholar, and leading Hispanic faculty member. It is the desire of his friends and colleagues that this scholarship remain a perpetual award for deserving students. The $1000 scholarship is awarded annually in the spring to a History or other Social and Behavioral Sciences major or graduate student, to be used the following year. Inquiries about the scholarship criteria or qualification should be directed to the history department.

Schofield-McAfee Award

Established in 2010, the Schofield-McAfee award honors two Professor Emeritus of the history department, Kent Schofield and Ward McAfee, both of whom were great intellectual contributers to the department and university. Junior students who are returning in the Fall for the next year and have a GPA between 2.5 and 3.5, work hard, attend classes,and whose academic work has improved over time because of their efforts, are automatically nominated by professors every year.

Please consult with the CSUSB Financial Aid Office for information on further scholarships.