Majors & Programs

Undergraduate Programs Information

The History Department has developed a major that can be completed by taking one of three tracks: Track A (designed for students wishing to be history teachers), Track B (designed for students interested in any of the other fields open to History majors), and Track C (designed to provide skills and training in historical methodologies for public and oral history professionals in museums, archives, libraries, historic houses and such). Each track includes courses that provide surveys of United States and world history, and an introduction to the nature of historical study. To meet the remainder of the requirements for Track A, students are required to take a number of other courses in history and from among the other social science fields. To meet the remainder of the requirements for Track B, students are required to choose from a wide spectrum of courses in an area of concentration.

Currently, the department consists of faculty specializing in the areas of American, European, African, Asian, Middle Eastern,  and Latin American history.

Graduate Program Information

The objective of the M.A. in Social Sciences and Globalization is to provide students with training in the method and theory of social science, as well as the basic perspectives of the disciplines within it and a broad perspective on issues related to Globalization. While the program provides course work in the breadth of the social sciences, its emphasis is on history, political science, economics, and geography with a concentrated emphasis on Globalization. This program is especially attractive to those pursuing a career in or seeking advancement in secondary school and community college teaching in the social sciences, or anyone interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the theories and academic questions related to Globalization. Those interested in work in other types of educational and social science related fields may also benefit from this program.

For more information about the M.A. in Social Sciences and Globalization, see the program website.

M.A. in Social Sciences and Globalization Coordinator
Cherstin M. Lyon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Office phone: 909.537.3836